Mejore aims to be the customer’s number one source for wood based furniture by constantly updating manufacturing and quality practices, by being in the forefront of furniture engineering and design, and by maintaining competitive prices.

Mejore continues to build a name for itself, the Philippines, and her people with a steadfast tradition of meticulous craftsmanship. This, coupled with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology, result in world-class wood furniture products noted for superior aesthetic design and functional durability.

Mejore was founded by Mr. Jose Ong on March 28, 1983. Owning several logging concessions and sawmill operations in the Philippines, Mr. Ong anticipated the potential in developing end products for his raw material base, wood.

Starting out in a 75,000 square foot facility; the primary focus of the company was in producing chairs and occasional pieces in the sanded form to various clients from Europe, Japan, Australia, and the United States. Slowly, with the help of skilled foreign furniture experts and the continuous improvement of its machineries and facilities, Mejore is able to create more complex designs and furniture products like beds, armoires, and much more!

At present, Mejore’s tradition of excellence is carried on day after day in a 150,000 square foot plant where an almost infinite number of designs are produced by a progressive engineering and production department. A skilled workforce of over 300, steeped in the rich Filipino heritage of hand-carving, utilizes a modern line of machineries imported from Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.

Every Mejore work piece undergoes rigid design and performance tests after each and every process (tested at every stage against client specifications, full-size and shop-drawings) for stability and strength. Every final furniture piece then goes to our team of quality inspectors who study the overall performance and visual impact under rigid structural, technical and design standards.

Mejore’s lumber stock and unique local veneer species is primarily supplied by its parent company, Industries Development Corporation, who operates an 80,000 hectares forest plantation in the northern region of the Philippines. The lumber harvested in this region is primarily Philippine Mahogany; while local veneer species include “kalantas, bagtikan, almasiga,” and many more.

Aside from local species, Mejore imports various lumber & veneer as specified by its clients like maple, alder, cherry, white oak, and pine. Medium density fiberboard is imported from Australia & New Zealand.

In 1997, Mejore saw the demand of exporting finished products in a box to its customers and built a 300 pallet fully mechanical and automated finishing plant with 15 spray booths and a drying system powered by its own boiler. The facility is capable of producing two containers of chairs or 10 containers of armoires per day. The company has worked closely with Akzo Nobel Coatings & various finishing experts from the US to develop countless finishes for the US market. It is considered one of the best finishing facilities in the Philippines.

Mejore – A believer of sustainable development of natural resources…Integrated rural development…Optimizing forest and land productivity…Sharing benefits with the government, local communities and indigenous people…

Mejore pieces can be found in our Farmville location in Building #5 and #15, as well as in our Raleigh, NC store.

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