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Moore & Giles

Who is Moore & Giles?

Discover the timeless elegance of Moore & Giles, a Lynchburg, Virginia-based company that has been redefining leather since 1933. From shoe leather to fine furniture to crafting luxury leather crossbody bags and other accessories, Moore & Giles has evolved over the years. However, the American leather company’s mission has remained the same: “to find a purpose for every hide and highlight the inherent beauty and sustainability of leather through heirloom leather goods that wear in, not out.”

Today, Moore & Giles sources the world’s finest natural leathers from tanneries in South America, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and beyond. The company supplies a number of Green Front’s furniture manufacturers, such as Hancock & Moore, Whittemore-Sherrill and Wesley Hall, as well as interior designers and clients in the elite hospitality, aviation and automotive industries. Experience the luxurious touch and visual appeal of Moore & Giles’ leather in their exclusive range of high-end accessories, each one a testament to premium quality and timeless design.

Moore & Giles at Green Front

Our passion for leather is showcased in Green Front Leather, a stunning 2023 addition to our Farmville campus, located in Building 7. Our leather showroom is dedicated to celebrating the natural elegance of the material through an array of fine furniture and exquisite accessories.

In our collection, you’ll discover the luxurious craftsmanship of Moore & Giles, where the fusion of superior materials and sophisticated design brings an accessible touch of luxury to everyday life. Explore a variety of shoulder bags, including leather tote bags, crossbody leather handbags and fine leather purses. You’ll also find small leather goods including journals, travel accessories like passport holders, wallets, belts and flasks.

Why Choose Moore & Giles?

Leather only gets better with time. Every purchase you make is an investment in a piece that will last and grow in character. Take Green Front President and CEO Den Cralle’s favorite leather duffle bag, the Brompton Brown Benedict leather weekend bag, which he has used for years. As Den says, “It’s only gotten better with age.”

Discover Moore & Giles at Green Front.

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