Art Addiction

Art Addiction was created around color. Art Addiction uses an in-house production studio to produce brilliant prints on acrylic. These prints can be customized and color matched to suit your needs and space. Founder Tino Grano believes in designing around the colors that you need so you don’t need to search for them.

A history of brilliance 

Art Addiction was born in 1997 as a way to bring high quality, well-designed artwork to both the architect, designer and retail markets. Today, Art Addiction provides the perfect artwork for any project.

Art Lex

Art Lex is the term for Art Addiction’s signature line of stylized film printed on acrylic. The process includes film and printing lamination that is then glued onto the acrylic surface. This preserves the clarity and crisp quality of photography. All products are printed in-house to ensure they are up to the company’s rigorous specifications. The company is currently experimenting with taking the same process and applying it to metal surfaces in addition to acrylic.

In-house production

Based on clients’ requests, a team of photographers and graphic designers create thirty to forty images per week for Art Addiction. These images become part of a database of over 30,000 images for clients to choose among.

A range of options

Art Addiction’s collections of images cover everything from abstract and aerial to renaissance and rustic. With fully customizable sizes to choose from as well as murals, Art Addiction images bring brilliant color and striking design to any space and will complement your other Green Front furniture.





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Farmville, VA

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