Wildwood is a unique collection reflecting the talents of Far Eastern and European artisans and the creative efforts of American craftsmen, setting a high standard of excellence in decorative lighting. They produce authentic, time-honored designs with meticulous attention to detail and color as well as striking traditional and transitional creations that blend the techniques and materials of older times into today’s designs.

For those who demand unerring quality and consummate good taste, Wildwood constantly seeks to be known for artware of uncommon beauty and distinction. Their designers find glorious Kutani Porcelains from Japan, elegant lead crystals from Germany and Florentine tole ware from Italy. Each lamp is individually inspired and created by hand.

Lamps are richly embellished with hand-finished mountings, handsome hardware accents and a wide repertoire of shade treatments to complement form and function. A Wildwood lamp promises to be a thing of beauty, cherished for years to come.

Wildwood Lamps & Accents can be found in our Farmville location in Building # 5, as well as in our Manassas, VA and Raleigh, NC stores.