Explore our unrivaled selection of home furnishings sourced from around the world. Our showrooms feature a broad variety of styles from bold and modern to traditional and classic (and everything in between), all at direct-from-the-source value.

Green Front Furniture Farmville Buildings

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As you plan your trip to Green Front, make sure you have everything you need to maximize your shopping experience. We’ve compiled a list of items our shoppers have found most useful to them during their visits.


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There are so many buildings! How do I find what I’m looking for?

If this is your first time at Green Front, or even if you’ve shopped with us before, the Field Guide will be a helpful resource in navigating our 13 buildings. You can pick up a Field Guide in any building and use it to plan your shopping day(s) at Green Front. 

Are you open on Holidays?

We are open all Holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day. (We are not open on Sundays - Farmville location only!)

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Green Front is 100% four-legged friendly. We love meeting your furry friends, just be sure they are well trained and on a leash.

Are your facilities handicap accessible?

Due to the nature of housing our products in restored tobacco warehouses and historic downtown buildings, most of our Green Front Farmville location is not handicap accessible, with the exception of one or two buildings. Of course, we are always willing to help as much as possible.

Is there a particular day that’s best to visit Green Front?

Any time is a good time… except Sundays at our Farmville location. We’re closed on that day and if you make the drive, you’ll be disappointed.

Do I need to set up an appointment before I get there?

We don't require appointments but encourage customers who require more attention to visit on weekdays when we're less busy or to correspond with a specific salesperson before making the trip. Feel free to contact us.

What should I wear?

Our three tobacco warehouses do not have central air or heat, so prepare for hot temps in the summer and some winter chilliness. Make sure to consult the expected forecast for the day(s) you’ll be visiting, as Virginia weather is notoriously moody, particularly in the spring and fall months. We also recommend comfy footgear because you will be doing a lot of walking. Bring your exploring spirit and be prepared to find amazing things.
Visit Explore Green Front for more details.

What should I bring?

Size definitely does matter when it comes to furniture shopping so be sure to bring measurements with you, including room and floor sizes. Some folks find it helpful to bring a full blueprint of their homes. Fabric swatches, wall color, current flooring samples, and samples of other fabrics in your home are all extremely helpful, especially if you are planning to do any custom ordering. A tape measure also comes in handy for many of our visitors. (Don’t worry. If you forget a tape measure, we have plenty you can use.) If you bring pictures of the items or styles you are looking for, our sales associates can point you in the right direction. Dress comfortably and be prepared for A LOT of walking and stair climbing.

Visit Explore Green Front for a full list.

How should I prep for my trip to Farmville?

One of the biggest keys to a successful Green Front experience is time, and you’ll want to allow plenty of it. Consider the time needed for the drive, of course, but you’ll also want to allow plenty of time to comb through our massive inventory. Plan to spend the day and maybe even a night or two. Please refer to our lodging page for more information on your options. It also helps to have an idea of the items and styles you're looking for. Use our interactive online map to create your own unique itinerary beforehand.


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