Who is Taracea?

"Our work aims to honor the life of a tree and its worthy journey through earth, turning it into an expressive work. "

A company deeply rooted in its commitment to environmental consciousness, Taracea breathes new life into fallen trees, turning them into modern furniture — like reclaimed wood dining tables that are both timeless and functional. Over the past three decades under the leadership of its founder, Javier Suárez, this manufacturer has continuously produced chic, contemporary designs created from recovered and repurposed wood. When you purchase Taracea, you’ll be investing in furniture that not only enhances your space but also prioritizes global sustainability.

Taracea at Green Front

Green Front customers love that Taracea blends one-of-a-kind, modern artistry with socially responsible manufacturing processes. Discover wooden furniture for every room of your home — from dressers and desks to consoles, coffee tables and dining table sets — in every shape and size. You’ll also find benches, dining chairs and art objects. Each item showcases the inherent beauty and distinctive character of the wood with finishes that range from bleached mahogany to gray ash to burnt walnut.

A pro tip for the discerning customer: Taracea’s table designs are the true showstoppers. Whether you’re searching for a grand rectangular formal dining table, a simpler kitchen table, a space-saving dinette table set or a round table to improve flow in an open floor plan, you’ll uncover beautiful, unique pieces that will inspire your aesthetic. 

Why Choose Taracea?

Opt for Taracea for their wholly integrated approach — from the forest floor to the showroom floor — as they source raw materials and implement ethical production processes. The company maintains full command over their furniture-making operation so that they can bring only the best products to their customers. Here are a few ways in which Taracea demonstrates its commitment to eco-conscious practices:

  • Conscientiously salvaging trees felled by natural events in a way that ensures minimal impact on the environment. 
  • Overseeing wooded areas to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. 
  • Supporting Mexican forests that are sustainably managed by small land owners.

Discover Taracea at Green Front.


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