Iconic Pineapple

Iconic Pineapple

What is Iconic Pineapple?

Named for a fruit that symbolizes warmth and goodwill, Iconic Pineapple offers a wall décor product for every taste. Melissa Van Hise, founder and CEO of Big Fish Art, brings decades of design experience to Iconic Pineapple to create décor with the discerning customer in mind.

Known for its extensive catalog, Iconic Pineapple features over 2,000 quality items for your walls. The company creates much of its own artwork. Discover exclusive designs and choose colors of select pieces to fit your unique sense of style.

Iconic Pineapple at Green Front

Looking for something traditional and sophisticated? Iconic Pineapple has it. Or perhaps you prefer modern or abstract? With such a wide range of options to choose from, you won’t have to settle. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of art for your living room or a modern piece for your bedroom, large or small, Iconic Pineapple has you covered. 

Discover the best of Iconic Pineapple at Green Front Furniture. Maximize space in a small apartment or decorate your home away from home with coastal wall art or a rustic design from the Lodge Collection. Explore a large selection of designs in a variety of categories to find the perfect piece to complement your personal style. 

Why Choose Iconic Pineapple?

Iconic Pineapple is headquartered in Maryland and manufactured across America. It promises designs that you’ll find nowhere else. If you’re looking for inspired wall décor, look no further than Iconic Pineapple. It offers the creativity and flexibility to let your space reflect the best you.

Explore Iconic Pineapple at Green Front.


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