Seasonal Living

Seasonal Living

Decorative accessories and furnishings for indoor and outdoor spaces. Multi-functionality. These are the drivers behind Seasonal Living.

Kenya, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. These are all sources of inspiration behind the Seasonal Living brand. The company’s founders were exposed to myriad unique indoor and outdoor living experiences. They saw a market for comfortable, special indoor and outdoor living accessories that were fresh and affordable.

Seasonal Living has created a name for itself with unique and unusual product lines. It focuses on functional works of art that blur the line between indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Season Living furniture embraces the following materials and finishing techniques:

  • Weather-resistant custom upholstery with fast-drying foam centers and durable American-made frames.
  • Volcanic rock, finished by craftsmen with customized glazes to become bar tops, dining tables, or other unique items.
  • Concrete tables blended with hemp grass and sand. This technique makes them lighter than standard concrete. It also gives each table an individualized, organic appearance.
  • Glazed accent tables feature rich colors that stand up to outdoor conditions.

Seasonal Living believes in redefining living spaces. It seeks to be a one-of-a-kind resource for bold, nature-inspired works of art. New technologies allow Seasonal Living to offer a wide range of options while staying true to its roots in outdoor furniture.

The Seasonal Living ethos is to never follow the crowd. How does the brand achieve this? By constantly challenging its people to push the definitions of design and product offerings.

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