Delivery Information

We’ll bring your furniture to you! Green Front maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks, staffed with expert drivers. We make regular deliveries across the East Coast.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment:

Green Front Furniture accepts all major credits cards, check, and cash at the time of purchase.

In order to process your order, we require a minimum deposit of 33% of the purchase price. The only acceptable forms of payment for the remaining balance are: cash, certified check, or money order (Virginia residents may use a personal check to pay their balance). The remaining balance is due at the time of delivery. Should you not have acceptable payment, Green Front will charge a re-delivery fee of 150% of the original delivery charge.

Furniture Conditions & Damages:

All sales are final. As soon as you place your order, Green Front begins the process of procuring your furniture. Therefore, we are not able to cancel orders or accept returns. We may, at our discretion, make an exception in which case a restocking charge of 1/3 the purchase price plus shipping will be charged.

Furniture purchased “AS IS” or from the clearance center must be accepted “AS IS;” please inspect it carefully before you purchase it. Green Front is not responsible for damages you had not previously noticed. Because of its one of a kind nature, no refund or replacement will be feasible should your selection subsequently prove unsatisfactory.

Remember, Green Front sales associates are happy to assist you in your choice of home furnishings, but the final decision on the style, fabric, and finish is yours.

Green Front Furniture Company reserves the right to repair damaged furniture. Please measure your furniture carefully before purchasing. Furniture often appears smaller in our large warehouses than it will in your home. Green Front does not accept returns due to the size of furniture. Should our delivery personnel be unable to place the furniture in its desired location due to size, the furniture will be left in your home for you to place at your convenience.


Furniture purchased “As Is” or from the clearance center has no warranty. Green Front does not warranty furniture; however, we do process all manufacturers warranties as specified in their catalogs. There is no warranty on furniture imported from: China, India, Indonesia, Spain, or England.

Deliveries by Green Front Furniture:

If you are unable to personally accept delivery, please have a responsible individual available to inspect the condition of your furniture. Damages to the furniture must be reported at the time of delivery in order for Green Front to accept responsibility for its repair. Green Front will not accept responsibility for damages found after delivery personnel have left your home. Please be sure your driveway will provide a comfortable margin of maneuverability for our very large trucks. We cannot be responsible for driveway conditions. Please have the area in which you would like to have your furniture placed cleared of existing furniture. We are more than happy to assemble your new furniture at no charge, but we are unable to disassemble existing furniture. Please remove any small area or scatter rugs which may cause our delivery personnel to slip or fall. Green Front cannot be held accountable for damages to the walls and/or floors of your home due to an insufficient margin of maneuverability in doorways, hallways, and staircases. If you would like to have your furniture ‘split-shipped,’ there is an additional charge. Deliveries may range from 2-5 weeks after the last item arrives at our warehouse.

Ship-out Deliveries:

Green Front reserves the right to require payment in full by certified check, cash, or wire transfer prior to shipping in some instances. ‘Ship-outs’ deliveries may range from 2-6 weeks after the last item arrives at the ship-out company. If your furniture is damaged on delivery, you must note it on the shipper’s freight bill and refuse it if it is unsatisfactory. Should you accept the furniture ‘as is’ without notifying Green Front prior to doing so, we are unable to process warranty claims that would result in repair, replacement, or discount.

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Exclusive jurisdiction is granted to the courts of Prince Edward County, Virginia.