Who is Posh+Lavish?

With a deep-rooted passion for sleep, Posh+Lavish knows that a mattress is the ultimate expression of caring for your mind and body. Handmade by highly skilled craftsmen in California and North Carolina, Posh+Lavish mattresses create a unique weightless, buoyant feel and provide full-body support for your spine and muscles. Sourcing only the finest materials for manufacturing, Posh+Lavish meticulously crafts every mattress for exceptional performance and exquisite comfort. The company’s values drive its product: “We believe a magnificent day is the result of a marvelous night. We design mattresses to help the world Rise and Shine.”


Posh+Lavish at Green Front

Visit Green Front to upgrade your bed. Posh+Lavish collections include all-latex, latex + memory foam, and pocket-sprung mattresses. Going above and beyond other luxury mattresses, Posh+Lavish chooses materials based on performance, not price. Though more expensive than most, these materials make a notable difference in the quality and longevity of the mattress, providing a superior product for an undeniably serene sleep. 


Why Choose Posh+Lavish?

High-quality materials. Using latex rubber instead of polyurethane foam gives Posh+Lavish mattresses long-lasting resilience and elasticity for many years of use. Even when choosing fabrics, Posh+Lavish goes to great lengths to use only natural materials that are clean and good for the environment, such as wool, cotton, and Tencel-faced fabric. Tencel, a material sourced from wood pulp, offers exceptional durability. 

Giving back. In addition to its reputation as a premier, luxury mattress brand, Posh+Lavish aims to influence the world for good. Posh+Lavish donates a percentage of its profits to Neuro Kids, an organization dedicated to bringing care to underserved children with treatable neurological disorders.

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