Leftbank Art

Leftbank Art

Who is Leftbank Art? 

Leftbank Art delivers innovative, American-made wall art to the design world. The company’s line of over 10,000 pieces includes hand paintings, drawings, art prints, giclees, murals and framed pictures. Additionally, Leftbank Art offers on-trend multimedia and three-dimensional, lighted artwork. 

For more than four decades, attention to detail and quality have driven the manufacturing process at Leftbank Art. The company designs each piece in its Southern California facility. In its own words: “Leftbank Art is known for offering art that is of-the-times, but also sets trends that will be felt throughout the industry.”


Leftbank Art at Green Front 

With designer collections and a constant influx of new works, Leftbank Art leads the industry in high-quality, transitional art. Genres include abstract art, still life, photography and more with a range of styles to adorn your walls.

Discover a winter’s landscape perfectly suited to the cool tones of your living room. A bold, close-up of a steer brings that Southwestern flair. Or select a canvas with abstract color gradients to pull together the color scheme in your bedroom. Whatever your art needs, Leftbank Art can deliver. 


Why Choose Leftbank Art? 

A collaborative venture, Leftbank Art has the size and scale to produce exactly what you need. Its line of original artwork created by in-house artists encompasses a huge range of styles, as well as diverse subject matter, including: 

  • Animals
  • Architecture
  • Children’s art
  • Coastal
  • Fashion
  • Floral
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • Transportation
  • Typography
  • And other motifs. 

Custom size options are available for almost all products to make sure that the artwork is perfectly suited to your space. If you have something particular in mind, Leftbank Art has the ability to design bespoke pieces to your exact specifications. 

Explore Leftbank Art at Green Front. 

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