Night and Day Furniture

Night and Day Furniture

When searching for a piece of furniture you’re looking for both quality and affordability. Night and Day Furniture brings you the best of both worlds. From cabinet beds to futons, they are raising the bar on what many consider to be space-saving furniture. 

One key piece in the Night and Day Furniture collection is their Murphy Cube. The Murphy Cube starts as a rectangular cabinet, but transforms into a comfortable bed in less than two minutes. Whether you have a farmhouse, casual, or transitional style, the cabinet bed is the perfect space-saving addition to your guest room. It comes in four unique finishes for you to choose from: cherry, white wash, stone wash, and dark chocolate.

The Murphy Cubes are one of five style types in the cabinet bed collection that the Night and Day Furniture company offers. From board and batten style finishes to sleek paints, they made a commitment to their customers to provide pieces that fit flawlessly into unique decor preferences.

Night and Day Furniture offers their customers much more than traditional, squeaky furniture frames. They have handcrafted their own designs that include useful additions such as trays, storage boxes, and magazine racks. Don’t be fooled by their furniture’s rubber components; they use top quality wood to manufacture their pieces. Their unique designs come hand in hand with their commitment to ease of use.

For your convenience, we’ve included a number of videos from the  Night and Day Furniture website to help you easily unpack, assemble, and convert your furniture pieces. You can view their how-to videos on their support page alongside their extensive warranty policies. They prove their products are quality pieces by offering warranties that vary from three to ten years depending on the furniture type.

If you’re looking to add stylish pieces of furniture to your home that provide both comfort and space saving measures- look no further than Night and Day Furniture.

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