What is Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings?

You want your home to be comfortable, inviting and stylish, and you want outdoor furniture that reflects that.

Founded by professionals with over 25 years of experience in outdoor living, Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings offers a new vision for function, flow and a focus on the outdoor experience.

Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings at Green Front

Explore the best of outdoor living with Pavilion at Green Front Furniture. Carefully curated just for you, Pavilion outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of styles — from traditional to contemporary — and in durable materials perfect for all seasons such as rope, teak, woven fabric and more. 

Add the finishing touch to your outdoor space with a Pavilion umbrella or canopy. Visit Green Front to create the patio of your dreams. 

Why Choose Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings?

The experts at Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings have spent years focusing on the expectations of customers. The products are designed to provide custom solutions for outdoor areas. Function doesn’t take a backseat to luxury as materials are weather-tolerant to resist mold and mildew. Engineered with durability in mind and designed with an eye for beauty, Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings is reimagining outdoor living.

Explore Pavilion Outdoor Furnishings at Green Front.

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