Founded in 2007 by Raymond Davis, d-Bodhi combines the Sanskrit word for ‘awakened’ with Davis’ last name. Originally focused exclusively on reclaimed teak, in 2010 d-Bodhi designers expanded into repurposing other materials, such as recycled galvanized iron, wood from old boats and rubber from used tires.
D-Bodhi has been nationally and internationally recognized for its cutting edge collections designed by those on the forefront of modern furniture. Their pieces are available at 30 retailers spread across 5 continents.
In addition to being beautifully designed, d-Bodhi furniture is also deeply invested in sustainability. Each step of their manufacturing process is performed to minimize waste and create the maximum positive impact on the environment. A portion of the proceeds from each of their pieces goes directly to the Trees4Trees Foundation, an organization that works to promote reforestation through educating and equipping local growers in Java.
D-Bodhi offers multiple lines of gorgeous, modern style pieces for every room of your home, each incorporating their signature reclaimed materials, full of character and style.