Furniture Styles

Like fashion, furniture styles often represent a specific moment in time. The Craftsman style, for example, speaks to time when things were made by hand with timbers pulled from the family farm. The look is warm, strong and timeless. The Industrial style, on the other hand, emerged during the rise of automobiles, factories and urban living. Mid-Century Modern’s futurism, clean lines and architectural feel are surely a product of their times. These styles even help define function, with a Casual style matching a contemporary age where families no longer sit upright in front of their one TV set after dinner but lounge together on Sunday evenings to enjoy a movie after a busy weekend.

The beauty is that you can mix and match.  Embody YOUR own style and taste by choosing from the two or three styles that represent your home and mood the best. Whether you want a clean, sleek look or a rugged vibe, finding the style of furniture you are looking for is a lot like finding yourself. You don’t have to be defined by any one furniture style. Instead choose a few that fit you best, using the following pages as your guide on the journey of self discovery.

At Green Front, we have something in every style, so you are sure to find exactly what expresses you best. From Casual and Outdoor to Traditional and antique, chances are you can find just the vibe you are looking for.  Explore the options below for inspiration and to plan your next visit to Green Front today.

Items shown may or may not be in stock. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, or to request more information.