Clean Design. Glamorous Materials. Lux Wood Finishes.

While classic and timeless, transitional style incorporates contemporary and designer finishes and materials. It favors clean lines and less ornamentation. It can mix with a multitude of tones and existing decor.


  • Traditional with a contemporary twist
  • Lux finishes
  • Upholstery
  • Églomisé

What’s it all about?

Transitional furniture leverages either straight lines or rounded profiles. The look balances muscular and delicate attributes for a cozy and inviting contemporary design. Fresh and versatile designs that can work with anything are key to this look.

Where can I find it?

  • Building 5 gives you Rowe/Robin Bruce Furniture. Clean lines with a designer twist carry classic curves and eclectic touches. Rowe/Robin Bruce lets you inject personality into your decor and style.
  • Building 6 and Building 9 are home to Jessica Charles, known for using the latest fabrics and leathers, featuring popping colors and prints with clean profiles.
  • Building 8 is the gateway to Bernhardt, found on the first and second floor. Bernhardt provides options for office, living room, and bedroom with a balance between design detail and cool comfort.
  • Hekman is found in Building 9 and Building 8. The company matches hands-on techniques and precision. Also in Building 9 is Caracole. They use unique materials to develop one-of-a-kind pieces, rather than collections. Forget the rules of what item belongs in which room, with the versatility of Caracole.
  • Building 15 is home to Wesley Hall. Wesley Hall is the home of luxury textiles and leathers. Its pattern matching and tailoring finesse make for memorable detailing.

Bring it on home

There’s more freedom in transitional decor. Rather than confine yourself to one style, let mood and atmosphere play a larger role. If drama appeals, add darker hues. If whimsy delights, get bright patterns and statement wall art. Get bold with texture to create a vivid impression. Tie it all together with a consistent, grounding color. Corduroy sofas, cotton chairs, pliable leather, ultrasuedes — it’s all fair game in transitional decor.

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