What makes something exotic? Is it that hint of something unfamiliar? Is it an indefinable uniqueness? Green Front travels the globe to bring exotic finds home. Explore our direct imports to see what furniture and accents the world has to offer. Our inventory ranges from bone inlay chests to giant, antique Indian doors.


  • Statement
  • Hand carvings
  • Natural fibers
  • Reclaimed materials
  • Bone inlay
  • Kilims
  • Archways
  • Floor poufs
  • Geometric patterns

What’s it all about?

An adventurous lifestyle starts at home. Nightstands, mirrors, and even pillows come alive with a Bohemian, exotic style. Mixing in bold graphics or vibrant hues will transform the whole energy of a space. Exotic style has a distinctive, globetrotting feel. But, it is not just for the jetsetting crowd. Exotic style is for any and all adventurers who love thinking outside the box. At Green Front, we introduce hair on hide chairs and reclaimed wood for that earthy aroma and texture. We also love traveling the world and sharing must-have objects with you.

Where can I find it?

Discover curated collections of Green Front Direct imports from India and Indonesia. We build relationships with buyers in these exotic locales to bring you the most eye-catching pieces at affordable prices. Look for wicker accents, Indian cabinetry and the astounding array of rugs throughout Buildings 1-4.

Bring it on home

“Mix” is a key word when adding exotic style to your home. Bright blues and teals. Moroccan patterns. Animal prints with jute rugs. Handicrafts with antiques.

Rich colors, patterns and hanging lanterns will also help you capture this look. A set of antique Indian doors, kilim toss pillows or several jute poufs scattered on the floor can transform a room instantly. Bring texture to the forefront when playing up this style. Hides over sofas or even on the floors bring so much character to a space. Exotic looks also pair with vintage items as well as industrial pieces.


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