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Classic and timeless European decor is the essence of traditional interiors. Traditional style is proudly suffused with Old World graciousness. Call to mind the hand-carved embellishments of Chippendale furniture and contrasting inlays and veneers. Picture deep wood tones in mahogany and cherry setting a tone of sturdy construction and ornate details.


  • Louise XVI
  • Federal
  • Queen Anne
  • Veneer
  • Inlays

What’s it all about?

The desired effect is stately sophistication and timelessness. Seek out hand carvings, heirlooms, double pedestal tables and reproductions. A sense of maturity and order appear in details. Picture floor-to-ceiling neutral drapes or velvet curtains paired with traditional furniture silhouettes. An upholstered camel back sofa encapsulates the style perfectly. Traditional interiors never go out of style. They exhibit an inherent value and appreciation of the craft.

Where can I find it?

  • Fine Furniture Design [FFDM] is a leading upholstery manufacturer. Located in Building 8, you’ll find a relaxed yet traditional selection styled as period pieces. Design enhancements and contemporary visual details make these pieces great for today’s home.
  • Building 9 has a traditional and eclectic mix. Jonathan Charles excels at the art of reproduction, while Hancock & Moore can be custom made per your specifications.
  • Come by the first floor of Building 10 for Althorp by Theodore Alexander. There you’ll see English tradition and heritage combined in their antique replicas. Stanford Furniture, also on the first floor, specializes in custom upholstery. Stanford offers endless options to make your item truly your own.

Bring it on home

If you desire a steady, timeless appearance look no further than traditional furniture and accents. Traditional decor such as landscapes, portraiture, and lamps with ornate details are instantly identified as luxurious and welcoming. Traditional style is fairly accommodating to individual tastes, so feel free to add elements from one other style you enjoy. There are many options, varied tastes and spaces.

Florals, damasks, paisleys and other striking prints are great accent options as well for this style. Ditch the TV. The fireplace is the traditional look. Incorporate traditional style through the use of symmetry and balance. This will create the familiar feel associated with traditional design. Traditional style often pulls in Old World accents for added richness and depth.

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