Authentic. Reclaimed. Antique. 

At its best, vintage style is evocative of the romantic past yet entirely appropriate for comfortable, inviting interiors. Antiques will naturally play a large role. Create a unique space that expresses your taste and individuality.


  • Patina
  • Distressed
  • Old World
  • Repurposed
  • Benchmade

What’s it all about?

Start your vintage look at square one by making your entryway striking. Whether it’s a reclaimed door, a sleek console table, or a vintage road sign, make a statement right out of the gate. When working in antiques, it is important to select well. Avoid anything too frayed or tired. Consider the physical weight of an antique, which often connotes quality. Look for solid joints that feel secure, and keep an eye on rust or erosion. If you find a really good antique, that means you can make it the focal point of the room. To infuse your kitchen with vintage charm, add older items, or ones with an antique patina, such as wood and wire bins or jars for bulk products.

Where can I find it?

  • Find vintage furniture and rugs in Buildings 1, 2, 3, and 4. Building 7, our home for clearance rugs, is specifically known for vintage Persian, Turkish, and Moroccan rugs. You’ll find many overstock, hand-knotted rugs, as well as the bulk of the machine-made rugs Green Front offers.
  • The first floor of Building 8 is home to Green Front Direct England. Here you’ll explore reproductions from England featuring various woods, such as elm burl, crotch mahogany, walnut burl, yew, cherry, and oak.
  • The basement of Building 9 houses Van Thiel, a renowned maker of artisanal upholstery, benchmade case goods, replica antiques, and home accessories.

Bring it on home

The vintage style works well for people who can follow through on artistic impulses. Always remember overall balance. Choosing to place your furniture in original ways can give your room a great edge.

Design tip: Get creative and reimagine the purpose of a familiar object. Try hanging a Moroccan or Oriental carpet on the wall as artwork. Bedside tables can double as coffee tables and vintage desks can serve as living room tables provided that they are properly decorated.


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