Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs


While functional, dining chairs can also serve as a stand-alone decorative piece and influence the formality of your dining room as a whole. We have a plethora of styles that can compliment or add a pop of flavor to your Farmhouse or rustic style home. At Green Front, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and functionality for design, we have a wide selection of wooden chairs with lumbar support slipcovered chairs for comfort and easy cleaning. You are sure to find the perfect set of dining room chairs that complement your style and needs.


  • Include an English flair with dining chairs from Theodore Alexander. For hand-upholstered, formal, modern, and farmhouse themed dining chairs, take a peek in the 1st and third floors of building 10.
  • Add flexible seating with a banquette from Precedent and their A La Carte custom seating program for chairs and basements. This comfortable unit allows guests to squeeze in when necessary and spread out when people have gone to socialize elsewhere. View furniture by Precedent and many more kinds of refined furniture in the basement of Building 6.
  • Bring a one-of-a-kind design into your dining room with personalized dining chairs from the craftsmen with Zimmerman Chair Co. View Green Front’s selection of Chaddock Home on the 1st Floor of Building 8.


Whether you are mixing or matching, we’ve got chairs for every style and comfort level to complete your dining room at Green Front Furniture.


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