Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables


Some people say the living room revolves around the entertainment center, others say that the seating takes on that focal role. In the midst of it all is the humble coffee table, which doesn’t often get much attention, but tends to play a vital role in the overall functionality and flow of your living room. The best coffee tables can endure the stress of everyday wear, but still look polished for more formal occasions.


  • Add some tabletop space with an oversized coffee table from Gabby Furniture. Gabby features unique materials like rattan, bone, and reclaimed wood in their items found in Building 8.
  • Combine functionality and aesthetics with a starburst reclaimed elm top coffee table from Revelation Furniture. Revelation’s luxurious furniture is known for mixing artistic accents with prestigious designs. Take a look on the 1st floor of Building 15 for Revelation Furniture.
  • Blend geometric designs and metallic elements with a coffee table from Lillian August. Find more of Lillian August’s Transitional and Contemporary furniture on the 2nd floor of Building 10.


Whether your decor calls for a slim and dainty coffee table or a solid and heavy one, you want your coffee table to be sturdy enough to take on whatever your life places on its tabletop. Green Front Furniture has a vast assortment of coffee table styles and types to choose from; you can opt for a refined stone and metal table, stick with something more rustic like handcrafted wood, or even go for with an upholstered option to add a layer of comfort. Check out one of Green Front’s expansive showrooms to find the perfect coffee table for your living space.


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