Is there any room in the house that wouldn’t benefit from a mirror, whether decorative or practical? Mirrors are no longer restricted to the powder room, and whether you use them to check your reflection or add design elements to your home, Green Front has just the right style for you. The deep-set circular polished stainless Julia mirror from Nuevo is sleek and clean – perfect for contemporary or even industrial décor. But mirrors don’t just belong on walls; a full-length floor mirror brings light and sophistication to any room, and can be traditional, like the mahogany arched-top from Jonathan Charles, or glam and contemporary like the waxed black iron floor mirror from Lillian August. Our mirrors direct imported from India include gold leaf, sunburst designs and hand carved frames.  Dramatic or understated, when it comes to mirrors, the choices are endless. Let Green Front help you find just the right mirror for every room in your home.