Rug Buying Trip in India

Green Front’s Ashley Cooper is in India on a rug buying trip and sending us updates. Here’s the latest…

Weaver making a sample rug

Friday, September 10: Over the last few months, our agent in India has been compiling what he asserts to be one of the most exciting and beautiful collection of rugs he’s seen in years. All of these pieces are awaiting final approval at workshops we’ll be visiting across India. Another leg of our trip will take place next week when we venture into Nepal in search of new workshops specializing in modern and transitional styled oriental rugs.

Sunday, September 12: Yesterday was a nonstop rug buying marathon! From 8 in the morning until 10 at night, we went through stack after stack of oriental rugs from the best companies in Jaipor, selecting only premium pieces and negotiating rock bottom prices. We’re now speeding down the road on the way to Agra, dodging sacred cows and mopeds, in search of more fantastic merchandise.

Monday, September 13: Things are going well. We’ve been all over India working 12-14 hour days trying to get to all the rug companies–over 20 in all. We’ve found some great looking rugs–really focusing on acquiring modern and transitional rugs which is what our customers are asking for. We listen to our customers and give them what they want. At some of the companies we’ve been able to see them making rugs.

We were able to see the entire rug making process–27 individual steps involved in preparing the wool, weaving, washing, shearing the pile, binding and tying the fringe. The amount of tedious labor is incredible!