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Blog • 13 mins • Wednesday April 24, 2024

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Green Front’s Definitive Guide to the Best Power Reclining Sectionals, Sofas and Chairs for 2024 (and Beyond)

Welcome to a place designed with motion in mind! From elegant recliners to versatile power sectionals, Green Front Work + Play in Building 12 showcases how modern design meets peak comfort and utility. Come explore all we have to offer in our flagship furniture store in Farmville, VA. 

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Why motion furniture? Because today, it’s about more than just comfort — it’s about making every space in your home more livable and more inviting. At Green Front we’ve partnered with manufacturers who do custom motion right. From established relationships with brands like Hooker, Hancock & Moore, Bradington-Young, Universal and Palliser to brand new stars like Elran and Eleanor Rigby, we’ve curated a diverse lineup that offers power reclining options for everyone. 

Gone are the days when motion furniture meant compromising on style with bulky recliners and unattractive pieces designed for function rather than form. The latest designs are sleek, chic and cleverly disguise their functionality. In other words: Power motion is no longer relegated to the basement, the den or the man cave. No matter what your style is, you can have motion! 

Plus over the past decade, motion technology has transformed. Think customizable power sectionals, long-lasting battery packs for cord-free setups, and wall-hugging mechanisms that keep your layout fluid and flexible. These advancements in design allow motion to hide in plain sight — whether you’re in an elegant living room, a professional office or a family den. 

Curious about incorporating motion furniture into your home? Looking to create a cozy reading nook or a state-of-the-art home theater experience? Modern motion furniture is ready to elevate your space. We’ve carefully selected a range of the best power recliners, sofas and sectionals that blend seamlessly into any decor style from the ultra-modern to the traditional. 

Explore our guide to selecting pieces that promise to revitalize not just your spaces but to change the way you relax, entertain and enjoy your home. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Remember, at Green Front, you’re not just buying furniture — you’re designing your lifestyle.

Living Room: Explore the Fusion of Comfort and Design

Today’s motion furniture has shed its bulky, outdated look, making it a perfect fit for contemporary living rooms. These pieces are designed to be seen and admired. Featuring sleek compact designs, battery-powered functionality and stylish leather finishes, they’ll add a sense of sophistication to your living space. Discover our range of elegant, functional designs crafted specifically for the modern living room.   

Palliser Furniture’s Laguna Collection

black leather reclining sofa
black leather reclining sofa
black leather reclining sofa

Imagine a sofa that pairs the modern look of knife-edge cushions and track arms with the hidden utility of power-recline functions. Palliser Furniture’s olive-green Laguna leather sofa stands out in any space. Perfect for relaxing with family and friends, the Laguna collection offers both stationary and motion options for sectionals, sofas and chairs. Stage these pieces in an open-concept room with a battery pack (no outlet needed). Even better? Discrete motion control means that this sofa doesn’t announce itself as motion furniture. Recline using simple fingerprint buttons tucked away on the interior cushion: the epitome of elegant design.

Elran Furniture’s 7000 Series

reclining brown leather sectional couch
reclining brown leather sectional couch
reclining brown leather sectional couch control panel

Explore the endless possibilities of custom motion design with Elran Furniture. This Montreal-based brand offers a fusion of ergonomic mid-century and Scandinavian styles, perfect for any space — from cozy reclining chairs to expansive power reclining sectionals. At Elran, personalization is key. Tailor arm, seat and back styles; upholstery; configuration; and power motion functionality. Optimize your comfort with dual-motor controls for separate headrest and footrest adjustment. Add power lumbar support. Opt for a cordless battery pack to free your layout from wall constraints and enable your furniture to float in the center of any room.

A highlight in Elran’s collection? A small-scale power-recline chair upholstered in rust-yellow bouclé fabric. Its distinctive knotty texture offers a nostalgic nod to vintage design, making it a standout piece at Green Front and a favorite for those seeking a unique, fabric-upholstered motion furniture option.

reclining neutral colored textured chair
reclining neutral colored textured chair control panel

Universal Furniture’s Kelce Collection

neutral colored textured sofa
reclining neutral colored textured sofa

Forget the old stereotypes about unattractive motion furniture that’s only built for comfort! Universal Furniture elevates the game with smaller scale, refined designs that seamlessly blend into any high-end living space — including coastal-inspired settings. Take the Kelce collection. With exposed wood legs, gently curved arms and tasteful leather piping, this fabric power-reclining sofa doesn’t scream motion. Yet, the Kelce collection features innovative dual-power reclining seats with power headrests, and it’s designed with modern conveniences in mind. A simple home button resets your seating position, while built-in USB and thunderbolt ports keep your devices charged as you unwind. Choose the battery pack option if you’d like to float the piece in a room. Whether custom ordering or selecting from our in-stock or warehouse options, discover the Kelce collection’s blend of style and function in Building 12.

Home Theater: Seating that Steals the Show

One of our favorite places to enjoy motion furniture? The home theater! With enhanced comfort, customizable support and improved viewing angles, the right sofa, loveseat or recliner can take your Netflix marathons to the next level. Here are our top picks for home theater power recliners.

Hooker furniture’s somers collection

tan leather reclining sofa
cup holder on grey leather reclining sofa
cup holder and storage compartment in grey leather reclining sofa

With home theater seating, designers aren’t trying to hide the motion functionality — they’re highlighting it! Take the Somers collection by Hooker Furniture. This affordable power reclining loveseat with console features cupholders, interior storage and a USB port so that everything you need during your next viewing session is right at your fingertips. The three-motor power recline (with a power headrest) offers you the ability to adjust for the best viewing angle and keeps you comfortable during lengthy movie marathons. Zero-gravity ergonomic positioning minimizes spinal pressure, supports the lumbar region and helps alleviate back pain.

Yet, for all the functionality of this piece, Hooker hasn’t skimped on style. Upholstered in supple protected leather, the Somers collection boasts a classic bustle back with topstitch trim and elegantly cascading waterfall armrests that add dimension and style.

Hooker Furniture’s Lyra Collection

grey leather reclining sofas
reclining grey leather chair
cup holder on grey leather reclining sofa

Another fabulous option from Hooker Furniture? The Lyra collection. These power leather recliners and power recliner couches blend casual comfort with sophisticated design, making them perfect for both movie nights and everyday relaxation. Think cream and gray leathers, bustle backs, saddle-padded arms, clean lines and topstitch detailing. Like the Somers collection, Lyra includes a USB port and zero-gravity three-motor power recline system, allowing precise adjustment for head, foot and lumbar support. With an especially deep recline that positions the legs higher than the heart, this chair can even promote health benefits like improved circulation, reduced swelling and back pain relief. Den’s favorite feature? The convenient pop-out cup holder integrated into each arm, keeping your drink handy during your favorite shows. When not in use, the cup holder discreetly tucks away, preserving the clean aesthetic and elegant lines of your home theater setup.

Hancock & Moore’s Motion Your Way Collection

tan leather sectional
tan leather reclining sectional couch
tan leather reclining sectional couch

At Green Front, we know that Hancock & Moore is the best of the best when it comes to leather — a tradition we’ve cherished since Dickie Cralle founded our store in 1968! Hancock & Moore’s Motion Your Way custom motion program offers unparalleled personalization alongside unbeatable quality in leather and construction. This program gives you five simple options to personalize: frame, arms, back, base and power. But don’t let that fool you. Within each category, you can select from a variety of sophisticated choices that create endless combinations. The power recline sectional showcased here has a gorgeous leather grain, bustle back, track arms and captain’s seating equipped with an armrest and built-in coasters, making it an ideal choice for home theater settings. Yet the true beauty of Motion Your Way lies in its versatility — allowing you to design a piece that’s perfectly at home in any space you choose — not just for movie viewings!

Eleanor Rigby’s Casino Royal Collection

white leather reclining sofa
white leather reclining sofa with silver hardware
white reclining sofa control panel with USB outlet

Our top-tier selection for luxury home theater setups? Eleanor Rigby’s Casino Royal sofa, where European-modern design meets opulent comfort. With a sleek, futuristic design and low profile, this elegant leather power recliner sofa can be a standalone centerpiece. Each seat — from headrest to footrest — is one piece of gorgeous, high-grain leather. The integration of sunken stainless steel detail adds a touch of glamor, and the biscuit tufting ensures luxurious comfort. But what really sets the Casino Royal apart? Its unique functionality. Tailor each seat to personal comfort preferences with individual power controls for headrests and footrests. Plus, the middle seat reclines via a discreetly hidden button, a rarity in motion furniture. It’s the ultimate in home theater comfort.

Family Room: Combining Durability with Design

For relaxed gatherings in a laid-back entertainment, the family room or den is an ideal spot to incorporate motion furniture. Whether you’re lounging with family, enjoying a casual drink with friends or watching the game, our selection of motion pieces combines style with comfort and durability. Check out our handpicked selection — casual enough for the family room, stylish enough to satisfy your taste and durable enough to look great for years to come. 

Bradington-Young: Benson Collection

light brown leather reclining sectional couch

The perfect balance between sophisticated and casual — draped in camel-hued leather! From the renowned Hooker family of brands, Bradington-Young designs a piece stylish enough to host friends for the game and comfortable enough to cozy up for a movie night with the kids. This traditional-style Benson four-piece leather sectional with power recliner features both motion and stationary pieces, designed with a bustle back, rolled arms and nailhead trim. Each section is independently powered with optional battery packs for a freestanding setup. Plus built-in USB ports add a convenient touch. Sophisticated yet discreet, Benson’s design subtly incorporates motion without compromising on style.

Office: Traditional Details Meet Modern Functionality

Prime spot for comfort clothed in sophistication? The office, where it’s about maintaining a polished look while finding a place to relax during breaks. Discover our best-in-class for office environments that demand both style and comfort.

Hooker Furniture: McKinley Collection

dark leather couch and chair
dark leather reclining couch
dark leather reclining couch control system with an USB port

Hooker Furniture’s McKinley collection takes office elegance to a new level, blending the best features of the Somers loveseat with refined enhancements suited for a professional space. McKinley’s transitional style boasts a bustle back, wood feet, nailhead trim and a contrasting stitch. Protected leather ensures a consistent grain with no wrinkles or variations in dye. Adding to workplace comfort are Hooker’s leather power recliner chair and sofa feature a power headrest and adjustable lumbar support for optimal positioning. An integrated USB port keeps your devices charged as you relax or work.

Skovby: #30 Dining Table

dark wood high top modern table
Skovby table
Green Front Motion sliding table

Motion is a broad concept — and it’s not just for sofas! Skovby’s Danish-designed adjustable table is one of our favorites for the office. This sleek table combines functionality with elegance, featuring a walnut oil base and a durable charcoal nano laminate top. Its 25-inch seated height adjusts to a standing height of 43 inches which makes it perfect for varying conference needs. It also includes a rechargeable battery pack for flexible placement and two removable leaves that expand its length to accommodate up to 12 people. Pair it with Nuevo’s Kailee stools crafted from leather and brushed stainless steel. These chairs feature a clean, elegant look, a wraparound footrest and a 360° pivot, adjusting from 13 to 31 inches via hydraulic lift.

Man Cave: Tailoring Your Personal Relaxationn Space

One of Den’s favorite spots to incorporate motion furniture? Your private sanctuary — be it man cave, femme den or chill zone. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the space where you can get away from it all. Here, we showcase our premier motion furniture, perfect for enhancing your private retreat with the ultimate in comfort and style. 

Hooker Furniture: Poise Collection

Green Front Motion light brown reclining chair

Want to do motion right? Hooker Furniture’s rustic, rugged Poise collection features a more masculine design. It’s relaxed but refined with details like a neck-roll back, hand-laced baseball stitching, keyhole shaped arms and bucket seats. Crafted from waxed aniline leather, Poise chairs offer a soft, supple feel with a distressed look that stands up to daily use. This power reclining sofa with power headrest puts comfort at the touch of a button. Perfect for creating a cohesive look, this collection offers both individual recliners and matching leather power-reclining sofas.

Hooker Furniture: Savion Grandier Collection

Green Front Motion light brown tufted leather reclining chair and sofa
Light brown leather reclining chair
Man sitting in light brown leather reclining sofa

And now it’s time for our showstopper — and Den’s personal favorite — Hooker Furniture’s Savion Grandier collection. Here Hooker redefines motion furniture with a seamless blend of classic design and cutting-edge technology. It’s motion that doesn’t look like motion. 

The Savion Grandier collection would work well in a cigar room but can also hold its own in the living room. Upholstered in hand-wiped butterscotch leather, it exudes old-world charm and equestrian vibes. Each piece features a beautiful silhouette with a wide seat, Chesterfield back, button tufting and nailhead trim. When stationary, these sofas and chairs present a tailored, cohesive appearance. However, Hooker’s true innovation is revealed when the pieces recline: a single, flawless stretch of leather from the power headrest to the footrest. It’s the ultimate invitation to unwind with a cocktail and savor the comfort.

Motion That's Tailored Just For You

One of Den’s favorite spots to incorporate motion furniture? Your private sanctuary — be it man cave, femme den or chill zone. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the space where you can get away from it all. Here, we showcase our premier motion furniture, perfect for enhancing your private retreat with the ultimate in comfort and style. 

As you’re considering how to enhance your home, consider an investment in motion. Today’s selections aren’t just functional, they’re designed to fit seamlessly into any decor. Every mechanism is tailored for a specific need, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of features. Think hidden motion with discrete buttons and gorgeous leathers with baseball stitching.

And remember, Green Front Work + Play is just the beginning of our world of innovative furniture design. We have nearly a million square feet of showroom to complete your look. Find stationary pieces to complement your motion picks at our brand new leather gallery in Building 7. Did you opt for upholstery? Customize a unique stationary design at our Sherrill Studio in Building 9. Love Italian craftsmanship? Coming in late 2024, find Bracci’s sleek contemporary designs — both stationary and motion — in Building 15.

So stop by Building 12 to explore Green Front Work + Play at our Farmville furniture store. You might just find Den kicked back in his favorite chair. Or discover a piece or two you can take home today — the perfect addition to enhance your space and your lifestyle.

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