Oriental Rugs: Breaking Through the Stereotype

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To some, the word oriental rug conjures up images of jewel-toned, floral design rugs, but at Green Front, our varied collection breaks out of this stereotype to include an array of transitionally styled pieces.  By definition, an oriental-style rug is a rug that comes from the “Orient” (East), so essentially oriental rugs are hand-knotted or woven and come from any country in the Eastern Hemisphere such as Turkey, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and India.  As long as a rug fits these criteria, it is classified as oriental no matter the color or style.

At Green Front, our massive selection of oriental rugs includes something for everyone (whether it be traditionally or transitionally styled) at prices that are actually affordable.  Please come for a visit and let our experienced, knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect oriental-style rug to complete your space.

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