Home Decor

Home decor is vital to expressing your unique taste. Choosing the right touches can instantly take a space from average to positively chic. Whether you’re selecting the perfect lamp to complement your living room or an art object to put the final touch on your study, you’ll find what you need within Green Front’s vast selection of home decor items.

One of a kinds, Ginger jars, Mid-century modern pendant lighting, Imported idols, Table or counter catch alls for change and keys

Our warehouses are stocked with home decor from mirrors to wall art and decorative antiques. Tucked next to couches, hanging on walls, and sitting on side tables, home decor items are nestled into every nook and cranny.

Our signature home decor store, Accessories, Inc., offers a wide variety of items. Here, you’ll find eye-catching merchandise bought from high-end vendors and products from little-known companies sought out and curated by our buyers and directly imported.

Green Front’s home decor manufacturers offer the very best in quality and originality to meet all of your home decorating and accessorizing needs.