Lillian August is an artist, a painter, an interior designer, a textile designer and a furniture designer. The collections exemplify Lillian’s attention to a sophisticated, vibrant and engaging lifestyle. From a classic European style to the handcrafted antique reproductions entitled Antiquaire, a cosmopolitan vision is realized. Perfect for the distinguished collector of fine furniture.

Lillian scripts her lifestyles with color and comfort in mind, and as she says, “Color is what gets me out of bed in the mornings… the opportunity to work with pure color is inspiring! I find my customers are more courageous and individualistic in the color choices today. I am passionate about seeking out influences that constantly keep my collections exactly where the client wants to go visually.”

The Lillian August team understands today’s consumer from a unique perspective. “My designs reflect the individuality of my clients.” says Lillian. “We create a vision that embodies the spirit of our clients; they are confident consumers that embrace fashion in all areas of their lives.”

Upholstery Customization
Creating a one-of-a-kind look with Lillian August upholstery has never been easier. The joining of Lillian’s style with Hickory White’s artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail is a powerful combination. Signature upholstery frames are defined by distinctive shapes and softened with sensual curved silhouettes.

Lillian’s legacy continues with hallmark signature quality details including hand-tufted and -buttoned backs, dramatic leg profiles, deeply pleated skirts, nail head trim and over 33 finishes, and a vast array of today’s most exceptional designer fabrics.