Blog • 2 mins • Friday July 10, 2015

Green Front Travels Abroad: Searching for Treasures

Looking for the latest in furniture and rugs from India? You could visit Los Angeles, New York or… Farmville. Green Front travels abroad for the items you love!

Den’s 10-day trip to India begins as he searches for the latest in rugs and furniture. (It was hot. Do you like his cooling cloth?)

Green Front in India SuitcasesIt will be months before all the treasures arrive…


Indian RugBut here are some sneak peaks of what will be filling the Green Front showroom in the future.


Amazing furniture and rugs will be headed back to Farmville, Virginia.

Den Cralle Indian RugsIt’s not common for American retailers to have this type of buying trip.


Indian RugsMost go to major marketplaces here in the United States, negotiating prices through a middleman.


Rug SilkBecause of our commitment to finding decor at the source, we’re able to offer one of the most diverse selections of furniture and rugs in the United States.


metal chickensSo, if you want to find really unique furniture and rugs visit New York, Los Angeles or… Farmville.


imported indian doorsWe’ll be sure to let you know when we receive these one-of-kind finds.


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