Blog • 3 mins • Monday January 11, 2016

Find Your Groove: Eclectic Furniture For The New Year

Antique Chest $795

As a new year rolls in, many of us are eager to break out of old habits, patterns and ruts. GF Eclectic, a brilliant new showroom in the basement of Green Front’s Building 9 provides the perfect resource to recharge your surroundings with pops of style, color and dimension. Each piece of this carefully curated collection is capable of setting the tone or style for an entire room and is designed to make you feel as if you just stepped inside the private gallery of a lifetime collector.

organic stool
Organic Stool $249

As Den Crallé explains, “It’s a little bit of everything gathered together in one space. Green Front is known for the vast variety it offers and now we have a space to showcase that. We want the showroom to capture the feel of someone who has been collecting their entire life.”

With its exposed brick and beams, the basement of Building 9, which had formerly been used as storage, perfectly complements its new contents.

“The GF Eclectic showroom is a cool way to bring old and new together,” says Den. “I brought the Van Thiel & Co. line in and it was so unique yet so versatile that I thought I would mix some more modern with it. Latiyal is a company from India with an industrial look. The two lines juxtapose a fancy, traditional look with stark, industrial pieces. Mixing the textures and styles is really what the space is about.”

The staple line of this showroom is Van Thiel & Co., famous for their authentically recreated antiques and unique bench-made creations.

salt jar
Salt Jar $195

Every item in this area is bold, selected individually to function as a focal point.

“Each piece could define a room. This is a place where you could really find the crown jewel of an entire living space. It’s statement pieces and statement accessories,” says Den.

Mixed among the Van Thiel & Co. and the Latiyal items are Chinese vases, prints, flags, artworks and carpets, and a variety of other oversized items.

Den anticipates the appeal of this gorgeous space to be wide, “It truly has something for everyone. Old or young, there’s sure to be an accessory or piece of furniture that speaks to you.”

With its encapsulation of the Green Front’s signature smorgasboard of variety, the basement of Building 9 has been buzzing, as many of the hand selected pieces are going quickly.

“The GF Eclectic showroom has become a destination of it’s own within Green Front,” Den says.

Because these eclectic furniture pieces are going extraordinarily quickly, and many are one of a kind, stop by and visit this showroom soon. You are sure to find the exact inspiration you need to start 2016 off brilliantly.

Antique Store Cabinet
Antique Store Cabinet $2250
Antique Bench
Antique Bench $1299
Decorative Hall Bench
Decorative Hall Bench $2095
Carved Chest
Carved Chest $1395
Vintage Table With Stools
Vintage Table With Stools $1695
Antique Desk
Antique Desk $1475
Small Table
Small Table $1395
Counter Stool
Counter Stool $119
Dining Table
Dining Table $599
Vintage Metal Bicycle
Metal Bicycle $159
Antique Table
Antique Table $895
Wooden Pub Stools
Pub Stools $295

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