Green Front's American-made furniture is highlighted best by our Amish and craftsman-style furniture. Sourced right here in the United States from artisans in Ohio and Pennsylvania, this collection of fine furniture is the peak of hand-crafted, customizable beauty.

Find Amish & Craftsman-Style Furniture At Green Front

Traditional. Skill. Handcrafted. Durable.

Our key manufacturers, Yutzy and Zimmerman Chair, specialize in domestic, solid wood furniture made with no gluing and designed to last a lifetime. Our hardwood pieces are brought in from small, locally-owned shops by Amish and local craftsmen from Pennsylvania and Ohio, and combine the beauty and function of modern design with the durability of hand-made furniture. From hand-crafted details, such as dovetail joints, graduated drawers, to details you choose yourself such as specialty finish and fabric options and more, our Craftsman and Amish-inspired furniture at Green Front is a world to discover.




Make It Your Own

Known for their lasting, classic appeal, we love our Amish and craftsman-style pieces because you can work with our manufacturers to truly make a piece your own. Choosing your hardware and finish allows you to make your life-long piece a piece that will truly be one you want to live with. It's already built to last forever. Now you can make it a forever piece that is exactly what YOU want it to be.

Let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

The rock-solid, long-lasting world of fine Craftsman and Amish-style furniture at Green Front is waiting for you to explore. What are you waiting for?


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