Counter and bar tables can provide a crowded dining area with some backup space for those times when the house has a few more people than usual. Alternatively, these tables can be more efficiently sized for small spaces as a substitute for larger dining sets. Whether you’re looking to downsize or expand your dining options, counter and bar tables can accommodate your needs.


  • Turn your dining space into a Farmhouse chic area with a bar table from Hooker Furniture. Find casual dining space with counter and bar table solutions and more from this brand on the third floor of Building 8.
  • Expand your dining seating options with casual, farmhouse, traditional styles from Zimmerman Chair Co. that can seat up to four people. Explore solid wood and American made furniture from Zimmerman Chair Co. on the 1st floor of Building 15.
  • Add a classic vintage look to your dining area with a Castle Inn bar table from Theodore Alexander. Take a look at Green Front Furniture’s Theodore Alexander offerings on the 1st and 3rd floors of Building 10.


Whether you are looking for extra seating space for guests, a spare party station for appetizers, or simply want to start fresh from a traditional dining space, a counter/bar table is a great option to consider. Use your counter table to store extra dish-ware, accent the rest of your dining space, or replace your current dining table and chairs. Check out the plethora of counter and bar table options available at one of Green Front’s three locations today!

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