Van Thiel

Van Thiel

Van Thiel & Co offers stunningly accurate antique replicas, which its artists meticulously hand craft, right down to the “imperfections.” Van Thiel is obsessive over the smallest detail of authenticity, from wear and tear to watermarks.
Graced by modern, solid construction, Van Thiel furniture achieves the distinctive character of the original pieces that inspired the collection. Though the company was originally focused on curating the best antiques from around the world, today its aesthetic is crisp and fresh.
Bench-Made is a line of both hand-crafted and finished hardwood furniture. It’s highlighted by:
  • Delicate accents
  • Bronze and iron hardware
  • Solid marble tops
  • Subtle antiquing
  • Hand-rubbed wax finishes
Green Front’s Van Thiel showroom features a collection of original antique items, including chests, cabinets, and chairs. It has showcased pieces of historic beauty brought to new heights with modern construction, such as solid oak English tables, British colonial side tables, French iron folding bistro tables, and assorted British colonial trunks. With Van Thiel, there’s no doubt that each piece of furniture is crafted with careful detailing. The manufacturer is known for its:
  • Mastery of finishing procedures
  • Uncanny replication of mature character, including claw marks from animals, tiny worm holes, variations in colors due to sun exposure, and random dents and dings
  • Perfectly placed, hand-forged iron nails that complete the distinctive finish
Recalling a simpler time, yet influenced by exotic accents from around the world, Van Thiel accomplishes the impossible – authentic antique replicas that amplify modern décor. Even purists will be astounded by the fresh ideas and hand-crafted design of this timelessly beautiful collection. These pieces are built to endure, and will enliven the homes of generations to come.


Sorry! We no longer carry this manufacturer at Green Front.

While we don’t currently offer products from this specific manufacturer, we encourage you to explore our diverse range of offerings from other manufacturers.

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