Rug Sizes

Rugs are the anchor to any room. A common mistake is to get a rug that doesn't fit your room/living area. (Usually the rug is too small.) The mistake is understandable. Rugs come in every size, shape, and design. How do you choose?

Green Front is proud to carry virtually every size you can think of—from standard sizes shown below, to any and every size in between. This means that using the tips in the following pages, you can find the rug that will bring out the best in your room.

Pro Tip:

The border of the rug should be about 12 inches from the walls. You want hardwood or your existing flooring showing.

Many of our rugs are hand knotted, causing a slight discrepancy in exact sizing. Because they are handcrafted, one 8’x10’ will be slightly different from the next.

These pages are meant as a guide to get you headed in the right direction. We also carry odd and special sizes that are not listed and can ensure the rug’s shape coordinates with your room. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Find your Rug Size