Pakistan is Green Front’s second largest source for rugs after India. Pakistan rugs are usually either overdyed or Afghan Oushaks. Note that many rugs shipped out of Pakistan are sourced from villages and markets in Afghanistan.

Overdyed rugs are created by taking an old rug with a drab color and generously applying vibrant dyes, usually bright purple or teal. Through application and washing, the wool absorbs the dye, giving the rug a whole new look.

Afghan Oushak designs are more subtle. Earthy and beige tones make up the bulk of the color palette. A whitewash is applied to many of the rugs to further mute the colors. The end result—despite the softer, lighter tones—is a rug with livable sophistication. Although these rugs are shipped out of Pakistan, they are woven by Afghan weavers.

Kazaks are also another common design found in Pakistan. These rugs have a high knot count and geometric motifs.  Reds, blues, and beiges give Kazak rugs a pop of warmth and color, making them functional and beautiful.

Types of  Pakistani Rugs:

  • Kerman: a vintage rug/ finished and sheared in Pakistan
  • Baluch: reds/jewel tones out of Afghanistan
  • Kazak
  • Oushak
  • Overdyes