Cow hides are airfreighted to Green Front straight from Brazil. Cutting out the middleman gives you the best prices available on these stunning pieces.

Brazilian hides are known for their exotic patterns and stripes. The variety in hides results from the intermingling between various herds. Brindle hides, for example, have a slightly tiger-striped look with an exotic medley of colors. Brazilian hides take the concept from a basic, black and white mottled look to a more sophisticated, exotic piece with a distinct richness.

Unparalleled in uniqueness, the length of the coat will depend on what time of year it is collected, with shorter lengths being seen in the summer and longer in the winter.

On your floor:

  • Hides are great for layering with traditional, contemporary, or natural fiber rugs.
  • Many are so striking and durable that they can function as a stand alone piece.
  • Multiple hides can be layered together or can even be hung on the wall for a rich, dramatic effect.
  • Consider featuring one in the center of a living room area.