A Sari silk rug is the epitome of upcycling. Traditional silk saris worn by millions of Indian women are inherently delicate, but also vibrant and beautiful. Instead of throwing out worn or damaged saris, rug manufactures collect the material. The saris are deconstructed and spun into a beautiful, vibrant yarn. The yarn is finally hand knotted into unique, stunning rugs.

Sari silk yarn varies in color and sheen, which makes it perfect for weaving one-of-a-kind rugs. No two rugs will look exactly alike. The varied material allows for an especially beautiful pile in a number of striking colors.

Soft to the touch, visually captivating and usually cheaper than normal silk, Sari silk is an increasingly popular rug material in India.

On Your Floor:

  • Use in rooms with low traffic
  • Use sparingly to allow each rug to make its own statement and tell a story