Poly is synthetic material used in the construction of machine made rugs. Machines can use this material to mimic the look of a hand-knotted rug. This is a cost effective alternative to wool or any other natural material. At Green Front, all our machine made rugs are located in Building 7.

Machine made rugs produce on-trend looks. While they lack the durability of their wool counterparts, they will hold up as long as you need them to. One of the drawback of synthetic fibers is the higher sheen. Also since the patterns are made by a machine, they can lose character and in some instances look digitized or pixelated. Rapidly improving technology, however, is making machine made rugs increasingly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Although Green Front’s current inventory of machine made rugs is modest, we believe these rugs will be highly sought after in the future as the production technology continues to advance.

On Your Floor:

  • Low maintenance makes them great for rec rooms or kids’ rooms
  • Trendy looks and styles let you make a statement on a budget