Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things offers a diverse, extensive range of vintage furniture and home decor. Its four stores and two warehouses contain more than 250,000 square feet of merchandise.

The Olde Good Things story goes back to 1995, to the 26th St. Chelsea Antique Market in New York City, where it began as a small flea market. Today, Olde Good Things has evolved to become one of the largest antique dealers in the country.

Its specialty is "Altered Antiques," which are acquired by its salvage team and re-used as functional and aesthetic items. Its most popular offerings include tin mirrors and panels, furniture and shelving, and lighting pieces.

Olde Good Things features a limitless and ever-evolving array of statement-making furniture, including Louis XV and Rococo style armoires, antique medicine cabinets, Mid-century and rustic seating, and much, much more.

Its lighting options can create any mood in a given space, from the glowing Gothic glamour of Art Deco-style antique chandeliers, to the retro-futuristic gleam of aluminum and industrial lighting.

Olde Good Things vintage furniture includes pieces in distinctive tones and colors including dark wood, white, black medium wood, light wood, multi-color, red and clear as well as many accents and features:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Fabric
  • Cast iron
  • Brass  
  • Mirror

Olde Good Things holds to a standard of “reduce, reuse, recycle” in its practices. As a green company, it sells vintage antique hardware, mantels, doors, and other salvaged items that would be otherwise left to languish.

Leveraging a vast network of dealers and tradespeople, it’s a great source for surprising and eclectic artifacts. People who love pieces with bright personality in their homes also love the feeling of history and continuity that furnishings from Olde Good Things can bring.


Industrial, Vintage


Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Mirrors

Sales Associates

Amy Mowery

Amy Mowery

Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

Gail Cave

Gail Cave

Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

Where to Find at Green Front

Farmville, VA

Building 10: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor

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