This style has optimism and energy built right in. Brought to you in living color, mid-century modern furniture features architect-designed pieces that are smaller scale, yet sculpturally iconic. A focus on design, materials, and comfort creates a look that works for a loft apartment, a ranch house, or a stylish suburban retreat.


  • Molded chairs
  • Walnut details
  • Arc lighting
  • Mad Men
  • Scandinavian design

What’s it all about?

The post-World War II era gave birth to a new take on domestic life. By the 1950s, an ergonomic aesthetic and clean lines took hold throughout the country and produced furniture for the people. Mid-century modern style continues its popularity today. It endures because it’s grounded in ergonomics, simplicity, and functionality. You can go with a vast range of colors whether they’re bold or muted. Select a single, significant piece for your space. It could be a credenza, a bold chair, or a lamp.

Where can I find it?

  • Building 6 gets the mid-century modern style going with on-trend manufacturers. On the building’s first floor, you’ll find beautifully crafted pieces by Nuevo and PrecedentSift through hundreds of fabric and wood finish options.
  • Hop up to Building 10 for casually sophisticated furniture by Lillian August Modern Living. Keno Bros. has end tables and benches in acacia and mahogany that reimagine classic looks.
  • Building 9 has a little of everything. Eleanor Rigby Leather plays with aspects of transitional and contemporary decor. Randall Allan provides must-have sectionals, sofas, chairs, stools, and lounge furniture. Don’t forget to take a peek at options by Jonathan Charles and Caracole while you’re there.

Bring it on home

Clean lines and sophistication are hallmarks of mid-century modern style. To avoid uniformity, vary the heights of coffee tables, sofas, and chairs. Keep the focus on functionality and try to avoid going too matchy. You don’t want to end up with a look that is inadvertently dated. One or two statement items will capture the essence perfectly. Deep, saturated colors were also an earmark of the mid-century modern era. A well-placed hue in a couch or chair can capture the vibe to perfection. Our sales associates can help.

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