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Get Carried Away by Coastal

Coastal style has rocketed in popularity over the last few years. It’s a look everyone seems to love. But what exactly defines it? To begin, Coastal is NOT the same as Nautical, which typically involves anchors and stripes and is, generally, more kitschy. Coastal is characterized by several key elements:

  • a light, airy look often paired with an open floor plan
  • an emphasis on white
  • natural tones and fibers such as jute and other woven materials

Coastal style gives the look and feel of a summer vacation or an extended weekend, no matter what time of year it is.

Universal room planning book

Green Front’s extensive selection of relaxed Coastal styles are featured in our spacious new Coastal showroom area in Building 8. Highlighting Universal Home (and their Coastal Living Collection) as well as other manufacturers, and featuring select indoor-outdoor pieces, the showroom, much like sun-warmed sand, invites you to settle in with our specially-selected pieces to observe the colors, feel the textures and admire the craftsmanship up close. Discover how beautiful blurring the lines between relaxed vacation style and everyday functionality can be with Green Front interiors.

We created our Coastal showroom to fulfill our customers’ desire for a collection of transitional furniture residing somewhere between strictly indoor and ruggedly outdoor — something light, but durable that immediately says the 9-5 is over. This aesthetic is encapsulated in our Coastal collection and showroom.

As part of Richmond Homearama 2020, PerrinCrest Custom Homes staged its Ruth Ann home with several Coastal-themed pieces from Green Front. Check out Den’s exclusive walk-through here to get a feel for Green Front Coastal “in the wild.”

Not ready to go “full beach” with your entire home like the Ruth Ann? A chief feature of Coastal style is the versatility of its elements. A great place to begin incorporating them is in the bedroom.

The Woven Abaca Seabrook Panel bed set from Universal hits all the perfect, wave crashing notes for Coastal perfection. From the natural tones of Abaca fibers to the understated white-painted accents on the cubes and headboard, mix and match elements to make it your own. Then, simply add some billowy white bedding and your bedroom has been transformed into a soothing and serene Coastal escape.

When it comes to pulling coastal styles into the rest of your home, we’ve got you covered with an expansive array of options from Universal Coastal Living, Gabby, Four Seasons, and many more. Slipcovers are a great way to create that Coastal feel, and design house Four Seasons offers the ultimate in customizable fabrics. See the full selection on the second floor of Building 8.

Four Seasons fabric selections

Comfortable, deep seating like this understated striped couch from Norwalk is perfect for pairing with woven chairs from Lloyd Flanders.

Ready for a Pina Colada? Coastal dining is all about casual sophistication, such as these sleek acrylic chairs from Summer Classics paired with a light teak bar table.

High-end outdoor and indoor furniture blend together seamlessly in this genre, with many outdoor dining pieces serving just as beautifully indoors as out. With matching benches, there’s plenty of space for everyone to gather around this gorgeous dining set from Jensen Leisure, made from their signature Bolivian ipe wood, similar to teak but darker. The built-in lazy Susan ensures everyone can reach what they need. It’s like a staycation every time you sit down to a meal.

Jensen Ipe wood dining set

Coastal excels at gorgeously bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor style. Maybe it’s the radiant summery vibe, maybe it’s the relaxed style, but whatever it is, Coastal diffuses the line between work and play. This transitional nature is one of the reasons why we (and many customers) love Coastal and it’s why we think you will love it, too. Who doesn’t want to incorporate a little of that get-away-from-it-all feeling into their everyday home life? At Green Front, we’ve created an entire showroom dedicated to just that. Can you hear the waves calling your name? Or envision a seascape through the window? We can. Stop by and explore the Coastal Collection at Green Front today.

Indoor, Outdoor, Furniture That Does it All

At Green Front, we pride ourselves on offering high-end outdoor furniture that is just as beautiful inside your home. We’ve seen great demand for a section that showcases this transitional zone between indoor and outdoor pieces. Our new Coastal showroom was created in direct response to that. Coastal styles provide a fun opportunity to experiment with bringing outdoor furniture in and vice versa. Just look for pieces marked with one of our special “indoor/outdoor” tags.

coastal tag

When visiting the Coastal showroom in Building 8, you’ll see plenty of stunning, high-end outdoor furniture beautiful enough to deserve a place inside your home, but constructed with enough durability to withstand the elements. Here are a few of our favorite pieces that can bridge the channel between indoor and out:

Summer Classics Monecito sofaMontecito sofa from Summer Classics

Jensen Leisure lounge chairIpe Wood pieces from Jensen Leisure

Seasonal Living ceramic tableSeasonal Living pieces add color, function and fun

Still confused about the difference between indoor, outdoor, and coastal styles? Don’t worry. Even Den has a hard time wrapping words around it.


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