Blog • 2 mins • Monday June 8, 2015

Domotex Comes To Green Front

Green Front visits Domotex

The colorful and rich international rug scene comes together in one place—Domotex. Similar to that ONE spot we all remember so well from high school—where everyone always hung out and everyone else always wanted to be—this massive fair is the place to buy, sell and breathe the scene. And what a scene it is.

In January of this year, more than 90 nations were represented as floor covering designers and manufacturers as well as buyers, like Green Front based in southside Virginia, converged in Hamburg, Germany. Almost 40,000 visitors enjoyed the world’s widest range of floor covering, making Domotex the event no one in the industry wants to miss.

Over 17 huge buildings crammed full of all things rug-related awaited Den Crallé’s eager inspection. Even after spending more than three days there, he says, “We really can’t see everything. There’s everything from pure silk hand knotted rugs to hokey door mats.”

Den Cralle with rugsGreen Front’s selections from this year’s show are starting to roll in and now’s the chance to claim your part in this multinational event.

Despite the overwhelming array of products, and fortunately for those of us who didn’t score an invite, Den and his team have put in the leg work and selected hundreds of designs, chosen from over 1,300 exhibitors, to bring back the best of the best to the states.

“The rug industry is a fashion industry. Tastes and styles are always changing and vary by regions,” he adds. “We are always looking for on-trend rugs to bring back to Green Front.”

Another perk of the in-crowd stigma—much like the beloved bar from Cheers—is that everyone knows your name, especially if you’re Green Front. “We really are a global brand. It was eye opening to see how much clout Green Front Furniture has in the industry…it’s a very respected brand” says Den.

Green Front visits DomotexAttending Domotex gives buyers like Green Front a chance to gauge the ever evolving face of the market. “Seeing everything in one place gives you a great perspective for where the industry is and where trends are heading,” says Den.

Now you can be a part of the in crowd, too. Rugs from around the world are arriving at Green Front daily as Domotex comes to Farmville.

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