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Take a Green Front Virtual Tour

The sheer scale of our numerous showrooms must be seen to be believed. Start here with a virtual tour of our buildings to discover your style. The only thing our virtual tours don’t show are the knowledgeable sales associates you can expect to find at all of our Green Front locations.

While virtual tours don’t display the up-to-date inventories of our showrooms, they do give you an idea of some of our favorite furniture and accessories.

Tour Tips:

  • Once you’ve chosen which building, select Dollhouse or Floor Plan to modify your viewing experience
  • Explore the space in all directions with your mouse or touchpad – as you would in Google Street View
  • Place your cursor in the direction you’d like to go, and click to move. Click and drag your mouse to look around or use the directional arrows on your keyboard

Green Front Farmville Virtual Tour

Buildings 1-4

Rugs and Green Front Direct Import Furniture

Our buyers search exotic locales for the most vivid rug designs in the world. Silk, wool, and jute materials mix with traditional and transitional styles for a treasury of rugs in almost any size.

Building 6

Contemporary & Mid-century Modern Furniture

With three full floors plus a basement level to explore, Building 6 features a slightly more modern direction. Building 6 is Green Front’s contemporary, mid-century modern and industrial building. Directly across from our Accessories Inc. buildings, Building 6 is tucked into Farmville’s picturesque downtown Main Street.

Building 7

Clearance Rugs

Our rug clearance center, Building 7 is easily identifiable as the “Old Warehouse” building and directly adjoins Charley’s Waterfront Cafe. When the buildings were still being used for tobacco, Building 7 functioned as the first point of entry for tobacco taken from barges coming down the Appomattox River. After it was brought in and cured, the tobacco was sold at auction in Building 7. These days it’s the home of Rug Clearance Building.

Outdoor Living Building 8

Building 8 is a wall-to-wall outdoor adventure. From loungers to grills to comfy cushions, we have everything to get your yard and patio all decked out.

Outdoor Living Building 10

Sometimes lovingly referred to as “the catacombs,” the basement of Building 10 offers not only a welcome break from summer temps but also a large selection of outdoor and patio furniture. Running the length of the entire building, you’ll find tables, chairs, loungers and more to completely outfit your outdoor space. Hammocks and umbrellas are also found here.

Green Front Manassas Virtual Tour


Manassas Rug Room