Once upon a time, a trunk symbolized a major trip, possibly a long voyage across the ocean. Roomy and sturdy, a trunk had to be up to the test of carrying all your most treasured belongings. Today, although trunks aren’t quite the luggage necessity they once were, they are still a functional and beautiful part of any home. Placed in the bedroom they can double as a storage solution as well as simple seat at the foot of the bed. In living rooms and dens they create extra table or seating space. Our vintage, old English trunks are directly imported from the United Kingdom. These antiques are one of a kind and most are hand carved. We also keep the tradition of simple, durable trunks alive by carrying Amish manufacturers at Green Front. Hand-crafted solid wood built to heirloom-quality standards, a trunk from Green Front is more than just a unique storage space, it’s a cherished piece that will last a lifetime and longer.