A sofa is more than theĀ foundation of your home's design; it is the most important piece of furniture for you and your family. Whether settling in to watch a movie with the kids on a winter's night, luxuriating in an afternoon nap, getting cozy with a good book, entertaining guests for the holidays, or even snuggling with man's best friend, your sofa makes a statement about quality, comfort, and style.

Green Front's wide selection of sofas offer endless ways to make your sofa a showpiece with both ease and polish. From the traditional appeal of Eleanor Rigby's top-grade cowhide sectionals, to the luxurious distinction of Bernhardt's contemporary tufted designs and the freshness of Nuevo's mid-century modern pieces, Green Front's sofa selection affords quality and style for all budgets and tastes.

Let us help you find your showpiece today.