A backyard oasis often does not feel complete without a fire pit. Adding a fire pit to a central location in your yard – whether using a gas or wood burning pit – tends to dress up the ambience of any yard. 

Green Front offers a wide variety of fire pit shapes and styles for a seamless fit into your backyard space. For more elegant outdoor spaces, fire bowls can be a great option in your outdoor area. Linear fire pits are also available at Green Front Furniture and are great for more contemporary designs. For an eclectic influence, chiminea can add a Spanish touch to any yard. Styles can range from natural earthy appearances of brick or stone, to slick and modern with glass stones or lava rocks. Adding these to your yard can add a stylish touch, but also help you to stay warm when temperatures drop.

Lastly, fire features are an excellent means of providing illumination your outdoor space. Instead of turning on a harsh outdoor light, brighten your backyard oasis with the soft glow of your fire features. You can complement lighting presently in your outdoor space, or create new sources of light strategically with a combination of fire features.

Be sure to check out the various fire pit options available through Green Front Furniture by exploring our outdoor exhibition outside of Building 8!


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