Chaise lounges can be relaxed and casual or crisp and formal. These differences in style can be accomplished through decor or through the chaise itself, which makes the chaise lounge a versatile seating option for any home. Chaise lounges may have originated in palace halls in ancient Egypt and in Greek symposiums, but they are now right at home in less ceremonial atmospheres. From patios, living spaces, and even to the bedroom, the chaise lounge’s functional versatility makes them a reliable go-to accent piece.


  • Create an atmosphere of elegance with a polished Sansa Left-Arm Chaise from Jessica Charles. Take a look at the basement and first and third floor of Building 6 and the first and second floor of Building 9 for more from Jessica Charles.
  • Upgrade your living room decor with a stainless steel chaise lounge from Nuevo. Nuevo specializes in contemporary modern furniture with bold metallic accents, and you can find it on the 1st floor of Building 6.
  • Make your outdoor space more comfortable and chic with a wicker chaise from Kingsley-Bate. Discover more from Kingsley Bate on the 1st floor of Building 8.


A sleek chaise lounge positioned by a pool can add a hint of elegance to your outdoor space, while a comfortable and simple piece can finish a cozy living room. With upholstery in hundreds of colors, the options are nearly endless. Be sure to visit one of our showrooms today to find the chaise lounge perfect for your space.

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