Despite the name, a bookcase need not hold exclusively books -- or any at all! Aside from showcasing your collection of literature, bookcases and shelves can display decor from world travels or an assortment of favorite knickknacks. Depending on the space and the bookshelf, these pieces can serve as room dividers as well.


Industrialize your man cave with a metal bookcase from European Traditions. This brand is known for its fine-quality reproductions made by skilled craftsmen. For these detailed pieces, visit Building 5.
Add functionality to kids’ rooms that need a little extra storage with bookshelves from Smarstuff. These sturdy pieces can weather anything your children can throw at them. Find Smartstuff furniture on the 3rd floor of Building 8.
Create a modern and sophisticated look with a sliding cabinet from District Eight. This solid oak cabinet with steel bracing speaks of industrial and architectural inspiration. Find this sliding cabinet and more District Eight furniture in Building 6’s 1st floor.


Bookcases and shelving units can be as personalized to your liking with what you put on them. From minimal shelves to intricately hand carved pieces, you can find shelves and decor to articulate your style at Green Front Furniture.

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