Are items on different tickets delivered together? Is the delivery fee the same?

Items on multiple tickets will be processed together. We will coordinate all of your items to arrive on the same shipment, or you can choose to take multiple deliveries based on your purchases. Depending on where you are having your delivery, it may be a flat rate, one time charge for delivery, or the delivery fee may be based on the items and weight of the items that you have purchased. Most of the time, delivery fees are collected at the time of purchase, but the fees for deliveries done by independent shippers for ship out customers are usually collected at the time of the delivery. Ask our sales associates about your options at the time of purchase.

What’s the turnaround time for delivery?

Due to current situations and delays, purchases for in-stock items being delivered by the Green Front delivery fleet are typically delivered in 2 to 5 weeks. This time frame can vary depending on a driver’s schedule and routes. For custom orders, this time frame begins once the custom merchandise has been produced and shipped and the last item has arrived at our warehouse facility where the order can then be set up for delivery. Ship out deliveries (out-of-state) of in stock merchandise are currently taking approximately 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please be aware that these times are only estimates and delays can lengthen the delivery timeframe.

How do out-of-state deliveries work?

Outside of the Green Front Furniture white glove delivery service areas in Virginia and North Carolina, our out-of-state deliveries, or “ship out” deliveries are subcontracted through independent, third party shippers. We only use and recommend white glove delivery services. Customers are welcome to contract with a service of their own choosing to come in and pickup their purchases to deliver in home. Green Front has a short list of independent, third party shippers that we can also recommend to our clients. Fees for out-of-state shipments are approximately $3 to $10 per pound at this time based on the total weight of the items purchased and how far the items are being shipped

I’m a designer/interior decorator. Do you have special prices for me?

For exceptionally large orders, we are happy to discuss pricing options. Just speak to your sales associate.

If I see it can I buy it?

Yes, everything on our floor is for sale — unless, of course someone beats you to it and there is already a sold ticket on the item. There is always a chance that a piece marked with a “sold” ticket is available in the Distribution Center. However many showroom samples or vintage pieces are one of a kind.

What about Custom Order/Special Purchase?

Many of Green Front’s manufacturers offer complete customization of their pieces, from upholstery, to wood, to finish. These items are built from scratch and customized to your exact specifications. Your sales associate will be able to use their extensive knowledge to guide you through what options are available with a specific manufacturer or piece. Just remember, because these pieces are made from scratch, they take considerably longer to create and deliver.

What are the payment options?

We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Amex, personal checks and cash. Green Front does NOT finance, however, you can make a deposit to hold an item. We require that the balance be paid by cash or check in full before delivery.

What if I can’t find a sales person?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a sales associate in our huge buildings. You can identify sales associates by their Green Front name tags. If they are not at their desk or the point of sale (you can locate these on your Field Guide), they are most likely floating on the floor or helping other customers. Remember that out of sight does not mean they are not on site. If you really can’t locate anyone, use any Green Front phone and push zero to be connected the office.
Our floor and rug crew are also wearing Green Front t-shirts. They will be happy to help you locate a sales associate as well.

How do I buy items from multiple buildings?

There are several sales associate in each building who can help you make a purchase. Each sales associate is the most knowledgeable about the manufacturers in their building. They can best answer questions about pieces from that manufacturer and help with orders.

Where do I check out?

Locate a sales associate and they will help you with your purchase, including explaining the checkout process and shipping options.

Why is there no price tag?

No, unfortunately this does not mean the item is free. We get in so much inventory and turn our product so fast, pieces sometimes make it onto the floor without tags. Other times, tags are removed from pieces and not replaced. Our sales associate are happy to find the price for you.

Help! I’ve found the piece of my dreams. What happens next?

Congratulations on your find. You’re probably looking around for one of our sales associates. Due to our massive size, locating help can be tricky. If you have difficulty locating someone to help you, go to the nearest phone and press “0”. If you are having trouble locating someone, make sure to take a picture to help you find the item later.
Once you locate a sales associate, they will place a sold tag on your piece (or tag it at our distribution center) and begin a ticket for you, the first step of the checkout process.


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