Organic Mattress, Inc.

Organic Mattress, Inc.

Inspired by wellness and committed to the health and welfare of the planet, Organic Mattresses, Inc. was founded in 2003, becoming the first manufacturer of certified organic mattresses and bedding in America. With the utmost regard for organic standards, Organic Mattresses, Inc. is proud to manufacture certified organic mattresses in two of America’s most environmentally conscious states: California and Colorado. Available in an array of comfort options for adults, youth and babies, offerings range from all-latex, hybrid pocket coil + latex or traditional innerspring models. The OMI brand of certified-organic luxury mattresses has something for everybody.

Founder Walter L. Bader says sleeping organic is safer. Because we spend a third of our lives in bed, this is the most obvious place to reduce exposure to chemicals to positively impact our health. Being the first in America to achieve certification to organic standards, OMI chooses only the finest, and purest sustainable, organic raw materials for its products, setting the standard for certified purity® today.

The durability, comfort and breathability of organic latex gives the perfect “spring” while naturally providing a cool night’s sleep. Exceptionally soft to the touch, unbleached Global Organic Textile Standard organic cotton knit and woven fabrics are never chemically treated and perform particularly well over time. Sourced from New Zealand, the GOTS certified-organic wool used in OMI mattresses is limited in production as the family and commercial farmers are held to strict standards to ensure certified purity of their fibers.

Awarded organic certification more times than any other mattress brand, Organic Mattress, Inc. and its team of craftspeople produce the highest-quality organic mattresses available. With unparalleled attention to detail and a distinguished passion for quality, OMI’s superior mattress delivers a luxurious sleep experience and the peace of mind that you are resting in good health, too.


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