Who is Lull?

Lull was one of the first, innovative bed-in-a-box (BIB) manufacturers to appear on the market that provided an alternative to the traditional mattress-buying experience. Lull and other BIB manufacturers focus on ease of shopping, which is typically done online. With thousands of personal and professional reviews and ratings as well as a devoted following, Lull has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best BIB mattresses on the market.

Lull at Green Front

At Green Front, Lull provides a convenient, affordable, “grab-and-go” mattress option. Lull mattresses at Green Front Farmville can be purchased directly off the showroom floor. Having the Lull mattresses on the floor provides Green Front customers additional opportunity to try and test the mattresses before purchase. Any requested or needed shipping would go through Lull’s standard BIB processing.

Why Choose Lull?

The Lull mattress is a premium, three-layer, foam mattress that provides the following key features:
  • Provides excellent bounceback and resistance against sinking, sagging and even trampolining
  • Supports proper spine alignment to relieve common aches and pains
  • Stays cool at night using a special gel-top layer that pulls heat AWAY from the body
  • Distributes motion evenly to provide the most undisturbed rest possible


Sorry! We no longer carry this manufacturer at Green Front.

While we don’t currently offer products from this specific manufacturer, we encourage you to explore our diverse range of offerings from other manufacturers.

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